Hey all! Just launched <coursegen.ai>, (100% FREE)...
# 07-self-promotion
Hey all! Just launched coursegen.ai, (100% FREE) an AI-powered learning platform that crafts tailored courses designed to adapt to individual learning preferences. This is one of my favorite courses I created on "*Leading Humanity's First Martian Colony"*. It goes through all the meticulous steps from "*Selecting and training your crew"* to "*Energy Production and Distribution"*. You can view that specific course for free here: https://coursegen.ai/course/abc4fee0-fbc6-45dd-b5e4-ddd5e8c9b6ab. Or go to coursegen.ai and create your own course for free. Keep in mind, prompting is very important! If you are into AI, education and how these two can intersect, you might find this interested. Check it out (again its free) and let me know what you think!
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