# 06-technical-discussion

Leon Wu

05/10/2023, 7:09 PM
- bard is getting code tools, they're gonna ship the equivalent of gpt plugins i would guess - multimodal ai (images in bard soon? seems like it based on the demo) - bard embedded deeeeep into google office suite everywhere - palm 2 which i haven't looked at a lot but it looks really good - model garden, looks a lot like huggingface collab/compatibility, fine tune your own models, enterprise search - replit featured (bard codegen straight to a repl) - personalized study tutor (tailwind, dump your notes in and yeah) - what appears to be vector db of sorts? idk - the music featured in musicLM was not my taste but the fact that they were able to get something that was consistent across minutes and not seconds was crazy bc none of the audioLM demos ive been seeing are longer than half a minute - real time ML translate featured for pixel 7a (I'm pretty sure I worked on this! tensor g2 chip)
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