Hey all, I'm looking for an automated solution to ...
# 06-technical-discussion
Hey all, I'm looking for an automated solution to taking first pass at (and possibly even maintaining) documentation for an API. Is anyone aware of any generative tools that are good at doing this? Alternately, anyone have any experience using code gen tools to create a project (e.g. langchain-based) that might be able to do something like this? Essentially looking to test out a solution like this with minimal time to test. If it's helpful, my API is written as an OpenAPI spec.
Could be something as simple as an AutoGPT wrapper that'd let me point at a repo and say "document all the YAML files in here"
Autodoc is pretty good at codebase documentation!
One caveat: It only explains what is there in the code, and nothing more about intended use. A lot of times codebase documentation also covers usage terms like, how do you use this API etc. That might be missing when using this tool.
A very comprehensive solution would be https://github.com/OpenAPITools/openapi-generator
Thanks for the suggestions! Sort of on a similar vein, I'm also curious if anyone's tried automated test writing solutions.