Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone wanted to ...
# 02-general-community-chat
Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone wanted to discuss about the following topic at some point that’s been on my mind ever since the hackathon: Money mule phenomena: https://www.justice.gov/civil/consumer-protection-branch/money-mule-initiative#:~:text=Money%20mules%20are%20people%20who,serious%20consequences%E2%80%94including%20criminal%20charges. What if a bad actor instructed multiple unaware actors to accomplish subtasks, which could be negative, neutral, or positive in effect, but when construed together, accomplish a task with a negative emergent effect. How could AI be used to stop this phenomena, how can AI be used in adversarial ways such as the money mule phenomena to unaware actors? Here, an actor is any kind of intelligent system such as GPT-4 which may have reasoning capabilities to declare the emergent, main objective is bad, but reasons that the subtasks are neutral or positive
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