Does chatGpt Plugins not have a browsing plugin wt...
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Does chatGpt Plugins not have a browsing plugin wtf?
If not, then it could be something we could make. I can see a browsing plug-in being useful
the browsing plugin's rollout is independent of developer access to plugins
Thank you, @Marko Klopets! I know it is third-party plug-ins and hopefully someone may have created one. Do you know if there is a plug-in for web browsing by chance?
I don't know of a third-party one that works through ChatGPT Plugins, but I'm assuming OpenAI's own browsing plugin will get broader availability before too long
there's this that doesn't work via plugins:
Thank you, Marko! I checked out both links and signed up for the waitlist for HyperWrite. I will apply for the waitlist for ChatGPT plug-in development access
Brent - If you want me to show you the web browsing plugin let me know.