Hey all, just wanted to share a useful plugin api ...
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Hey all, just wanted to share a useful plugin api pattern for anyone building.
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My latest plugin is a pattern for expanding your plugin's API without adding to your OpenAPI spec.


It's simple. Just make your api paths generic!


Plugin #6 - Commands API
https://twitter.com/colinfortuner/status/1647649246349258758?s=20 Also, if you're interested, i have a new plugin i'm working on that I need beta testers for! DM if interested 🙂 Code for plugin -> https://gist.github.com/cfortuner/38130debec4cc9b3412f2dbccf4d87a6
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How is this going to interact when there are multiple plugins at the same time
In practice, you probably wouldn’t name it Command API, but instead choose names specific to your api. Should be fine with multiple plugins!
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@colin fortuner , would you mind sharing the code file ?
amazing concept ❤️
Thank you Colin