# 02-general-community-chat

Jason Benn

05/27/2023, 2:56 AM
Hey y'all -- I've been an ML eng since 2016 and am looking to hire a contract SWE to help me out with the Neighborhood SF! I run quarterly unconferences and organize a network of multigenerational coliving houses (plus third spaces like The Commons), and we'd be hacking together fun AI social experiments to help people find friends, cofounders, and marriages 🙂 lmk if you know someone that'd be interested --
🙌 5
btw if this works and we find someone in here then i will name my next laptop @Aqeel Ali

Ari Kalinowski (they/them) (Delta_Ark)

05/28/2023, 2:14 AM
intrigued, but wondering if you could give one example of the kind of kind of social experiments you imagine?