Curious if anyone here is legitimately bullish on...
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Curious if anyone here is legitimately bullish on web3 / blockchain and if so, whats their thesis
I too am curious and would like to follow this thread
I'll shoot first with a pretty outlandish and far-looking hypothesis. let's take the strong form of the current genAI trend in code-assist and such to its logical conclusion, which is automated feature development. If you had a micro-service targeting a niche audience with automated feature development, how could you reduce the overhead of product management even further? Well, supposedly, setup an organization where users can vote on product features and they are automatically implemented. You would also want a way of distributing costs and rewards across users / contributors in a way that doesn't require HR or accounting etc. So, perhaps this organization is in fact a DAO
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I’m bullish on web3 / blockchain as pieces of a broader whole. I think the “it’ll never happen” bears and the “future is now” bulls are both assuming that we have the full web3 ecosystem available today, which is where I disagree with both of them. I think of it this way - web3 / blockchain are like the internet, and we’re in the year 1990. We can see value but we have no idea what this thing is yet, and we certainly aren’t going to accurately predict technology like the iPhone or economic shifts due to mobile apps. In 1990 we still needed to invent scaled cellular networks, touchscreens, smaller microprocessors, etc, then make them all cheap enough for the general public. My prediction is that there are related technologies that we don’t have yet that will make blockchain \ web3 much more useful and broadly applicable than it is today.
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