A friend of mine, Hannes Marais, has just built “i...
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A friend of mine, Hannes Marais, has just built “innovation algebra” that allows for quickly building super prompts for ChatGPT to produce extensive amounts of new content using simple logical commands. Here is a demo: https://chat.openai.com/share/628744fd-dd87-4c57-9e70-b0c24e711ae7 Hannes is running an online meeting next week, where you can learn how to use this algebra right from the author and discuss your own pipelines for prompting: https://www.linkedin.com/events/innovationalgebrabrainstorming7074912661703917568/comments/ It's cool stuff; I will be using it myself :)
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I love the concept of ‘adjustable profundity’
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Always pretty impress to see the complexity of language LLMs can already handle 🤯 Reminds of another superprompt that checked out about learning topics at different levels https://github.com/JushBJJ/Mr.-Ranedeer-AI-Tutor
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