# 05-ai-news
this one is so embarrassing, try to ask it whats the date today.
Are you sure asking for today's date is the best way to assess a Large Language Model? LLMs, by their nature, are poorly suited for answering fast changing contextual questions like what day is today because the time and cost of training an LLM means no company will be retraining on a daily basis (and even if they did train it daily it would probably still be behind the times because the training likely takes more than 24 hours to complete). Asking whats the date today is mainly just assessing whether the LLM is connected to a plugin system giving the LLM access to non-LLM data sources, rather than assessing the LLM itself. Hugging Chat will almost certainly get a plugin system but it looks like their launch is focusing on the LLM piece first.
Hey Don, I’m an ML engineer and for sure didn’t want to know the true date, I use it sometimes to activate the hallucinations in a model, try to ask this model the date today and see how it reply’s.